Monday, March 7, 2011


A big-ish kind of update I suppose. I've been secretly working on socks for my boyfriend for the last couple of weeks or so but, he doesn't exactly have a normal size foot so making them too small is a very likely thing to happen. I ended up having to break the surprise so that I could measure his foot as I go. Hows about a pair of handmade socks for a size 16 foot... Yeah.

I also went on another tie dye spree with Christy last week and made up some new socks, tshirts, underwear & baby rompers. Everything turned out pretty cute except for when I hung everything to dry I apparently had not rinsed enough of the dye out so I got some random colored spots on things. Most importantly the underwear I did for my man friend turned out fabulously but, not fabulously enough to actually fit him. Sadly a large at the dept. store across the street from my house means a size 30-32 which is definitely not large. I suppose I will re-gift and come up with something else for him.

I went to PA with some friends this last weekend and picked up some thrifty stuff. I'll be putting these two things + a few more on my Etsy and re-newing some old knitted listings.

So, I guess this post wasn't that big - just chock full of pictures.



tara-lynn said...

i wish you updated more! i love your photos, take more please.
have you ever dyed wool, i want to dye some merino nude wool after its knit, by dipping it, do you think this is possible?

erngrn said...

i think if the knit was small enough you could totally tie die it. I think it would look cool even dip dyed... like the way people are all about 'hombre'-ing their hair.

ha i'll try and update more ;) i have like 3 blogs so its hard to keep up haha

tara-lynn said...

yes i want to just dip it! some bras & tops, its creme merino wool, thanks babe, would you recommend food dyes?

erngrn said...

hmm i think you should knit little testers and try it with a couple different dyes. we used regular clothing dye and it works great but food dies might be good too...

acommonthread said...

i agree - more updates! and i like how you display your socks with money for comparison. AND, i just bought a pair of shoes JUST LIKE THAT from etsy. so strange....!