Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well, it's almost the end of January and that's weird.

I decided last night while talking to a friend of mine that as you get older, time fly's by. Remember being 15 and feeling like a week was an eternity to have to wait for something? I miss that. I wish a week felt longer than it actually does now with all of this "working" and "responsibility".

I have some things in the works. I am planning a dream catcher making night at my new apartment this upcoming week that should be pretty fantastic, I am working on building new plants out of all of my current plants, I am currently entirely freestyle knitting a pullover sweater that I pray to god works with 50+ year old yarn from a farm in PA...

All the while, working my ass off.

I've been getting some bigger and better clients lately which is definitely making life seem like it's actually going somewhere. A satisfying feeling to have after working at something for so many years.

Some photos from the last few months:

Holiday parties via Sunny :

Currently working on creating this in my kitchen. 1 plant + 3 decorative objects to go:

A story I shot for Nylon Mag in the Feb issue with Anouck Bertin:

I have found my favorite vintage fur store and purchased this lovely rabbit coat for myself:

Another new addition to my closet:

And last but not least, a little pouch I am swooning over from Scout and Catalogue

And I'll leave asking - if anyone knows where I may be able to find a sock pattern to accomodate size 16 feet (mens), I would be eternally grateful.



softspoken said...

your nylon shoot is beautiful! and i wish i had a happy green thumb for growing plants indoors, but my green loving cat seems to thwart that with bite marks in any leaf he can reach.

tara-lynn said...

ohhh that fur coat!