Sunday, March 7, 2010



I am not dead, still alive and kicking here. I'm going to go ahead and say I lost my knitting mojo for a few months there! I have started a hat, a top and a bag. The last thing I've touched was the bag and I ran out of yarn for it, not exacitally making the most effort to go and get more (but, I will be doing that tomorrow). I blame it on christmas, having to knitknitknit of a time restraint took it out of me, I lost my love for a minute but I feel it coming back now. Slowly.

In the mean time, I've started a tumblr : 1 in eight million

It's a lot of music, videos, photographs that I like and things that I've worked on. Aside from that all the same things have been happening. Makeup, home life, Frank.

Speaking of Frank, I have to get him a trainer because he's decided he doesn't like other dogs at all and he wants to attack them on the street when we go out for walks! Any advice is much welcome.

And until I finally have an FO, I'll leave with this.



Kim said...

My Henry is the same way- he gets insanely aggressive with other dogs when we're walking him. No more dog parks! Let me know if you learn any tips that work.

Dijana said...

i read about male doggys that get a bit agressive in that time when they wanna have sex,mine has only 7 months,not at that time yet i guess.maybe your needs a female friend to do some loving?:o)

e said...

he's fixed! he's been fixed for a long time and he's coming up on 2 years old!

andrea said...

I wish I could leave comments on Tumblrs!! I remember that Keith Sweat video so well... "I thought we were reallllllly down"