Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So the holidays were lovely. My best friend from Seattle came to visit - and on this trip to New York she decided that she will be moving here in June (!!!!!). My mom flew down from Toronto on christmas morning and we all caravan-ed over to my old apartment to spend christmas playing pictionary and cooking. The menu was a mix of delicious things but, I cooked the ham, yorkshire pudding and turnip/carrot mash.

Ever since I was a kid my grandmother used to make yorkshire pudding for holidays. I am absolutely in LOVE with the bready goodness that it brings to a meal. Especially when it's covered in a thick layer of beef gravy. My mom has tried a few times to cook the perfect pop-overs to no avail. They never really 'pop' so to say... but, me on the other hand. I can cook those babies like it was my god given right to have yorkshire pudding with every holiday meal for the rest of my life.

The holidays are always kind of a whirlwind of food and presents for which I am generally excited about but, this year I wasn't really feeling it. I didn't get any christmas decorations, no tree, no little nativity scenes - I had to pack and get ready to move Jan 1 and with all the moving I didn't necessarily have the money to go out christmas shopping SO, christmas this year was minimal to non existant for me. On the other hand, new years eve was there in FULL EFFECT. I was sure to prepare - I packed 90% of my things before NYE, hired movers for Jan 1 and had them come at 2pm so I could sleep off any residual drunkness I thought I might be feeling. My plan worked out perfectly, I barely had to lift a box and was completely moved into my new apartment by 7pm.

A few photos from NYE (before we all got too drunk to remember there were cameras floating around):

(all photos by sunbuns a.k.a sunny shokrae)

I have to say it was a pretty damn good new years. Ladies new years out is really the way to go about it. Dance parties, more dance parties, limos and dance parties.

So, I'm moved and settled into my new apartment now. Holiday season is over, I am quickly approaching my birthday (which I've decided I will be turning 23 again for) but, work is in the works. It was a bit of a slow first week for me but, things are picking up now and all is returning to normal. Tomorrow I'm off to L.A for a week for partly vacation/partly work (but mostly vacation). All of my best friends are going to be there at the same time so I'm sure it will be a reunion to remember.

Some recent makeup work includes this lovely lady:

Photographer: Eva Tuerbl
Stylist: Julie Williams
Hair: Amber Duarte
Makeup: Erin Green
Stylist Asst: Olivia Harris
Model: Chantal @ Marilyn

I loved working on this shoot because 1. it was all girls and 2. they are all good friends of mine. Chantal is an amazing model and this girl is going places for sure.

In KNITTING news, because I apparently haven't knit a damn thing for myself in months, I have taken it upon myself to start knitting a top up shirt on size 5 needles using an even smaller yarn. Is this torture? Am I doing this to myself as some kind of punishment for not having knit anything but a cowl or a hat in the past 3 months? Probably. Testing myself to see if I still "got it". Updates of said shirt to come but, in the mean time, wish me luck.

That's all for now.


Julie said...

Looks like your New years was very fun- it's always better when it's ladies only! Which sweater are you working on? those fine gauge knits take forever, but the result is usually worth it.

yoel said...

What a fab NYE, and there's no better way to start the new year than a new apt!! Next time I'm in NY I'm going to insist on hanging out with you and your hip friends :)

Size 5 needle aren't so tiny, esp if you choose a sleeveless top.

Reckless Glue said...

all gorgeous pics--looks like a blast! I also love yorkshires...they are like the donuts of the meat world (what's not to love!)

craftivore said...

Happy New Year! Judging by the way that you rung it in, it's sure to be a good one. I bet you new shirt on #5s will be the best thing you've ever knit and the torture will be forgotten.

andrea said...

You & your friends look so lovely! I always forget what it must be like to live in NY...people actually paying attention to fashion and creative dressing. Here I am the only one who even desires to dress up...kinda boring!

Anonymous said...

looks like a perfect evening! you and your friends are all so stylish. and the photos are great. ~joelle