Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So, look who's finally coming out of the wood works. I'm alive, settled back to real life (thanks to my 4 days off in a row). I have a clean apartment, my laundry is done and the only dishes waiting for me in the sink are the ones from the dinner I just made an hour or two ago! These are all very exciting things for me considering I've neglected any "errands" or "chores" I've been meant to be doing over the past... oh... 3 weeks??

I told myself last fashion week I would book myself for at least one job everyday for this season's fashion week which I did infact end up doing but, I also told one of my best girlfriends who I haven't seen in over a year to come right smack dab in the middle of it. This meant working every day, going from place to place to - going out until 4am every night. Even if we rang 4am in in a deli 1 block away from my house because the sandwhiches took 30 minutes to make.

Believe it or not I have been doing some knitting over the past few weeks, I'm not sure if I mentioned or not but my cape - finit! (And dear lord do I love it - if only I didn't let my friend borrow it I may actually have some photos of it for this post). I also finished the Dragonfly socks!! I definitely suffered from second-sock-syndrome. I did not want to finish the second sock, I fought with myself - told myself I'd be better off learning how to magic loop, left them for weeks on end, untouched in the bottom of my purse until last night I finally finished them. I also do not have photos of said socks but promise I will next post.

What I dooooo have photos of are the etsy knits. I originally knit all of these things for a shop I was going to sell in on consignment but alas, this did not work out so into my own shop they go. I was going for a color theme for the most part with all of them - purples/pinks/maroons. The green was a bit random but it was on sale and I couldn't resist.

First: I knit this hat kind of inspired by an Alexander Wang hat I laid eyes on recently but it did NOT turn out at all like I thought it would. I forgot about that whole ribbing making things tighter and stockinette making things looser situation so, I got this. I like it - I appreciate it for what it is.

Secondly, I thought I would teach myself how to crochet on youtube when I bought this yarn. I wanted to learn how to make granny squares and crocheted cowls. Needless to say I failed miserably and ended up just knitting it.

Third, when I was upstate doing my shoot a few weeks ago - the lady who's house we were staying in was an avid crafter. She had a loom in her basement and hand crocheted bath mat's (which I was incredibly envious of) and amongst all the wonderful things I found in her basement, I found a baby blanket that was seed stitch & stockinette all in the same blanket. From that/her I now have this:

Last but not least - this yarn is incredible. If you asked me what brand it is - I couldn't tell you but it is SO soft and SO cozy. It was a bit annoying considering this is 5 balls of yarn in 1 cowl so there was a lot of weaving to be done but, thats what you get when you buy 27 yard balls of yarn.

Sometime tomorrow I will post these guys up on ye ol' etsy shop. Thank you Lenard for taking the photos for me.

I am now working on yet another cowl for the shop and toying with the idea of attempting to remake a top I saw recently at topshop out of this crazy mohair yarn my manfriend got for me... One of these day's I'll actually cast on for it.

For now we will watch "The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" because my man loves Matthew Mcconaughey. Yeah. I said it.



Annie Mess said...

I always forget to comment, but I read your blog like every day and I love it when you update.
I just started knitting a little hat for Luna the other day and thought of you. I decided to finish it no matter what, I havent finished anything yet. meh. But I will. I know about the second sock syndrome (but with me, its everything!).
I love that maroon hat you did, its beautiful.
I miss you!
love annie

Team Knit ! said...

gorgeous cowls!! they look so squishy soft.

- Julie

acommonthread said...

you have been BUSY! oh my gosh. i can't believe you've finished all of those cowls. they look amazing (and so do the photos).

Reckless Glue said...

ALL gorgeous...love those cowls!

craftivore said...

Those cowls are friggin gorgeous, particularly the last one. I've been dreaming of a big, oversized, chunky cowl too.