Tuesday, May 20, 2008


well well, i've got 2 patterns all finished up and woven together.

first, let me start with these wristlets... oh, wristlets. not only did i have to start over again 4 times, but i also had to cast off 3 times! the first time was a dumb mistake on my part... if i'm knitting these tiny things with size 7 needles and i cast off with a 7, they're going to be tiny... no brainer? that was cast off number 1. so, rip the stitches out and try for cast off number 2, with size 10 circular needles. to my surprise, this didn't work either. maybe i have fat hands? i though they were kind of small. anyway, i ripped out the stitches again and finally did the loosest cast off on size 10 needles i've ever done and alas, i could get my chubby hands in!

the yarn i used for them was merinoseta (which was impossible for me to find on ravlery). it was really nice and the finished product looks really pretty but, the yarn splits so easily! maybe i just need to work on my non-splitting technique. anyway, final product of those :

for the second week of my knitting class, i decided i wanted to make a hat. i was going to do the trinity stitch pattern that i posed a couple weeks ago but, i found this one on ravelry and i liked it better... though it was super easy to make. i was hoping for something more challenging but i guess nice and simple is nice sometimes. i used cotton fleece in wolverine blue. i am really happy with the way it turned out but, i am going to have to go out and get an elastic to run through the ribbing.

and so i still have 2 pattern making classes left at downtown yarns, i am going to try to make a sweater. The one i've chosen is Lauren by Weaverknits. i've decided to buy it for 3.00 on the interweb and print that little guy out. i might go buy the yarn for it today... we'll see how motivated i get.

that's all for now!


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