Sunday, May 11, 2008


so, i haven't updated in a little while because i've been working like a crazy woman. i much preffer working days at a coffee shop than working nights at a bar. no more drunk regulars telling me their life stories and such... now i get to hear them in the morning over a cup of coffee. much better.

i have been knitting like crazy, i taught myself a new lace stitch from this website which was easy as pie. so i used the yarn i ordered from eBay to knit this skinny scarf for my friend for her birthday :

this yarn is kind of weird to knit with... it might just be me not used to it but, its berooco softwist. its more rayon than wool so, maybe thats why it feels weird in my fingers. it's easy to split the yarn which wasn't very good for me learning a new stitch and attempting not to mess it up but, all is well. i used size 10 needles where as suggested size was 8 so i am just finishing my second skein and i think i'll use one more. good thing i have 6.

i've also been working on more and more kerchiefs. people keep asking me for them and i keep having left over yarn so i've been cranking them out like crazy. i've started playing around with yo's and different decreases and whatnot :

i have also started my patterns class at downtown yarns and yes ladies & gentlement, that is a thumb hole from my failed attempt at the little green wristlets from the 101 designer one-skein wonders book. these things have been haunting me for ages and with the help of my teacher, i was able to finally figure out what 'knit, working (p1,k1,p1,k1) into yo' meant. it all makes so much sense now. i have another class on thursday evening that i think i'll bring the trinity stitch hat pattern to.

i am pretty sure i am going to choose a cardigan sweater pattern to start. i have yet to attempt making a sweater but, i think that i can pull it off. if not, i can enroll in another pattern making class at downtown yarns but, i have much faith in my ability to potentially make a sweater. based on the opinion of the far more experienced knitters that may or maynot happen across my blog here, would you say a pullover or a cardigan is easier to start out with?

love, granny.


Orchid on the Metro said...
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Team Knit ! said...

I think that a pullover is easier than a cardigan for a first sweater, but that's only because of the button bands (button holes, etc.) What are the patterns you are considering?

- Julie

p.s.- That was me, the previous orchin on the metro post- that's a new blog I'm just starting up with my bf, we haven't even posted anything on it yet. I forgot I was signed into that account!

Team Knit ! said...

Also- you should really join ravelry, it would be really helpful for you as you grow with your knitting, and has lots of helpf or first time sweater knitters!

There is a bit of a waiting list, but it goes pretty fast, and you'll be blown away at all the info on there. It's like craftster, but for knitters.

granny said...

oh! i actually just got my invitation for ravelry tonight! i'm making my profile right now and setting everything up...

i have to be honest... i'm pretty excited about it.