Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I went to a craft night last night for the first time in a really long time a la Christy's suggestion and was introduced to the world of tie dye.

I recently left my hair kit in a taxi loosing all of my product, irons, brushes, combs, pins - basically everything I'd need to do hair on a shoot not to mention the bag it was in. Yesterday I stopped off at ion studio (who I will be working with weekly from this upcoming weekend on -) and they donated a TON of stuff to the re-growth of my hair kit. In lieu of having all of these new things I figured I'd need a bag to put all of these new things.

SO I walked my monstrous little dog to American Apparel before craft night and got myself a new tote bag.

Um, does anyone know how awesome tie dye is??? I kind of want to tie dye everything. I can see how this can easily get a little out of control. I am going to get some ratty old t-shirts to do next and possibly 7 more pairs of socks.

Now taking suggestions on things to tie die...



In other news, I've been kind of knitting again, I have put some new stuff up in my etsy shop and I am currently working on a little pillow for a friend who bought me yarn to knit it almost 2 years ago. I figured maybe it was time to finally get around to this little pillow.

I have decided, this winter is hibernation and crafting. I'm excited.

Next big craft:



yoel said...

Do you mean the braided rug or the needlepoint (I think?) coverlet? B/c both could be quite addictive. I am with you on the cold weather activities.

giuliana said...

dont get too carried away with the tie die.. my friend started it this summer and now her whole apartment and wardrobe is tie die..

andrea said...

YES! I love dying stuff--it's addictive! You can get really nice effects if you use powdered dyes (RIT, etc) and just crumple up your garments in the dye bath...I usually end up with subtle tie dye variations. Also--rag rugs rule! I started mine last summer and haven't totally finished it...but it's a really satisfying way to use up your scraps.