Monday, August 16, 2010


Ello Ello.

So I've left my camera with a friend to borrow so I'm pictureless as far as my new tote bag's go that I've been working on but, I do however have some camera phone photos from my trip to Montauk this last weekend. I've been out 3 times this summer already and I am trying to plan on how to get a summer house out there next year so I don't have to come back at all really. I took the L.I.R.R out this time for the first time and it really isn't bad at all, especially when you have friends to keep you company.

Back to work as soon as I get back but, it's a bit mellow the rest of this month. I guess everyone takes a break before the chaotic fashion week starts in September. I'm exhausted already and I haven't even really started booking any of my shows yet.

I'm thinking of starting a project that has to do with t-shirt transformation. The first one is about to happen this wed so, I'll post a photo and see how it goes - opinions muchly appreciated.

Mtk & recent makeup photos:


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