Thursday, June 18, 2009


So my friend Chloe has inspired me to run around taking photos of my finished apartment. We are all settled in with knick knacks and decorations just about finished. Everything has its place now and the boy has put a halt to my furniature accumulation which I think I am ok with for now.


1. The view as soon as you open the apartment door. Note the fridge covered in Matthew Mcconaughey magnets.

2. cabinet & my favorite shelf in the whole apartment.

3. The kitchen table I have been going on and on about since I moved into this apartment

4 & 5. The hallway that houses the bathroom and my little vignette. I tried not to make it too "flowery & girly" so Trav got me the frame with the sail boat and I threw up a few empty ones just to cut the floral thing a bit.

6. I have intentionally not photographed our "couch" because it is a futon. A big eye sore futon that we need to swap out for something better sometime in the near future. But, I love my chair (used in this video I worked on).

7. The shelf that houses all things crafty & some books

8. His side of the bed, our makeshift table. I'm sure we won't be able to keep that wood there in the winter when the heat is on but for now it's a great little table. Wall of cameras, 2 of which are functioning - one I can't figure out how to load and get the film out of. I would one day like to develop the film that is inside of it.

9. My polaroid collages I made about 2.5 years ago. The only things I've ever shown and I priced them so high so no one would buy them.

10. Clothing land, we managed to fit most of our stuff in the closet but, I of course needed more space. A lot of the things on the rolling rack are things that I'm selling on etsy but we needed room for some more jackets and things. I think we'll have to replace the rolling rack soon because the left side of it keeps sinking lower and lower. Necklaces and sunglasses have their own little wall and the back of the door is covered in shoes. Something I also need to figure out because I'm running out of shoe room.

11. The lady desk/corner. Covered in things like mirrors, knitting needles & makeup. Canvas used to house my growing earring collection and the deer head is great for the hoops. It's a little weird because you can't really tell what it is under all the earrings.

12. This is the man station. I was told I could decorate the apartment pretty much any way that I wanted to if I gave up one corner of the apartment to be the "man station". Prince tank top from Vegas 7.7.07 show, faile piece angry dog mouth and assorted animals covered in 'blood' (red paint marker) among things like printers, scanners and other electronic gadgets that I wouldn't generally care about having. It was a good deal and to be honest, I kind of like the Prince tank top. Its better than a dream catcher.

So, thats all I got for now. I have a wicked craving for pancakes at 10:16pm and I think I am going to go get some!



Team Knit ! said...

Wow, you have a great apartment!! I always find that you don't really see your place objectively unless you take pictures of it and see how it looks in a photograph.

- Julie

Tori said...

so dreamy!
i love it & all your little knick-knacks.

giuliana said...

i adore your apartment. lets have an apartment seeing date this week. i have mon, tues, wed off.


yoel said...

What a darling apartment! I like how you keep your jewelry out, so you can enjoy them every day!

andrea said...

It's so nice to see your place, all cute and perfect! I'm still homeless from Italy, living between parents' and friends' houses...I hate it. I can't wait to decorate a new apartment!

Jan said...

I've just stumbled across your page and have to say your apartment looks so charming!